Most adults who enrolled in weight loss programs are usually diagnosed to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These people have eating problems that cause them to eat too much because they could not control the impulses of craving food just to satisfy their needs. This is a strong evidence of the linkage of obesity and ADHD. 

The common symptom why ADHD is linked to obesity is that these people usually cannot understand the yearnings of their body that they tend to end up overeating. They usually interpret their feelings when they are upset that they are just hungry. This leads them to go eating whatever they want just to overcome the thought of hunger.

This is also true for young children with ADHD that according to recent studies that they are most likely to be obese when they get older. This is because they are not trained to control their impulses, which result in overwhelming unhealthy habits.


Since, it is a mental process affecting the person with attention deficit disorder, it is advised that instead of overeating, the person needs to instruct his body using his hyperactive brain to lose weight. Since it is just a false interpretation of hunger after all, there could still be a chance to reverse the process that instead of feeling hungry, the person could reverse it to a motivation in losing weight.


The person alone could not do this since those have mental problems are not even aware that they are in that certain condition. The family of medical professionals can make the person conscious and aware of his health condition and the possibilities of making it worse. By helping the person who has attention deficit disorder to control his yearning, he could start living a healthy lifestyle. Especially those children, they could still be corrected with their wrong behaviors so that they could not bring it when they grow older.

They need to be introduced to proper and balanced diet, so they could establish a healthy routine. Brain supplements are also available in order to deposit the needed vitamins and minerals of their brain to keep it functional. With a healthy brain, the person could think well, sharpen his memory, and would be able to enhance cognitive processes that are very essential for attaining his objectives in overcoming the attention deficit disorder to save him from the dangers of becoming obese.