Home Exercises to Lose Weight and Tone in 10 Weeks

Home Exercises

This small home exercise plan for men and women can help you lose weight and gain muscle mass. What is best about this plan is that you can do it from the comfort of your home and it is not necessary to visit the gym or use any special equipment. Make sure you drink plenty of water and find adequate time to exercise this plan on a daily basis.

Home Exercises

Home Exercises to Lose Weight and Tone in 10 Weeks

To lose weight, you should exercise for 45 to 60 minutes every day. If you are a beginner, start with a 45-minute workout, and gradually increase to 120 minutes. Along with this training plan carry some healthy diet in order to fight the swelling and keep you healthy.

Here is the 10 day home exercise plan you should follow:


Twenty squats; Twenty-five seconds of wall squats; Fifteen seconds of plank Five push-ups; Thirty-five jumps; Twenty-five crunches; Fifteen strides; Ten crossfit abs; And ten back kicks (Butt Kicks).


Ten squats; Twenty crunches; Ten jumping jacks; Ten push-ups; Twenty-five strides; Thirty-five crossfit sit ups; Forty-five seconds of wall squats; Thirty seconds of plank; Twenty kicks back.


Fifteen squats; Thirty sit-ups or crossfit abs; Thirty crunches; Thirty-five seconds of wall squats; Fifty jumping jacks; Twenty-five kicks back; Twenty-five strides; Forty seconds of plank and ten push-ups.


Thirty-five squats; Twenty crunches; Fifteen strides; Thirty seconds of plank; Fifty sit-ups or crossfit abs; Sixty seconds of wall squats; Thirty-five backward kicks; Twenty-five jumps with jumping jacks and twenty push-ups.


Twenty-five squats; Forty crossfit sit-ups or sit-ups; Sixty-two seconds of plank; Thirty push-ups; Thirty crunches; Sixty strides; Fifty-five jumping jacks or jumps with separate legs; 45 seconds of wall squats; Fifty kicks back.

Note: You must rest for the weekend.

Weekly basis 10-Week Vascular Exercise Plan

Interval Training

As its name implies, interval training is a combination of short sprints of high intensity, alternating with slower recovery phases.

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Interval training is a brilliant form of exercise, not only the most efficient way to improve your cardiovascular endurance, but also the fastest way to reduce body fat. You get such impressive results because you are constantly challenging the body and you do not allow it to stabilize as you would in any other consistent exercise regimen.

Weekly Plan for Cardiovascular Exercises

  • 30 second sprint, 30 second Jog (5x)
  • 35 Second Sprint, 45 Second Jog (6x)
  • 45 Second Sprint, 60 Second Jog (7x)
  • 50 Second Sprint, 45 Second Jog (8x)
  • 55 Second Sprint, 30 Second Jog (7x)
  • 60 Second Sprint, 45 Second Jog (6x)
  • 65 Second Sprint, 60 Second Jog (5x)
  • 70 Second Sprint, 45 Second Jog (6x)
  • 75 Second Sprint, 30 Second Jog (7x)
  • 80 Second Sprint, 45 Second Jog (8x)

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