Top 5 exercises to burn fat in the legs

burn fat in the legs

Localized fat in the legs can be difficult to remove compared to other areas of the body. But we can lose fat in that part of our body if we follow some exercise routine. In this articles, you will find some routine exercise to give your legs a better shape.

burn fat in the legs

Here are some exercises that can be useful to get rid of:

First, cardiovascular exercises can be a good choice. Walking, swimming, running … Aerobic exercise helps to burn fats not only from the legs but from other parts of the body. The choice of type of exercise depends on the tastes, needs, physical condition or age. In the case of walking, it is recommended for all types of people. Running helps to burn fat faster and also produces other cardiovascular benefits. For its part, swimming is another most complete exercises in general, but in the case of the legs, the swimming kick made with the resistance offered by the aquatic environment makes it advisable to burn fat and tone the muscles of the legs.

Second, another star exercise fit for all audiences is the climb stairs. As in other exercises, it also helps strengthen the glutes. A possible variant would be to use a “step” or “bench” and make repetition series by incrementally increasing the number. This exercise is recommended several times a week.

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Third, cycling is an aerobic exercise that is recommended for the legs. If it is not possible with a bike, it could be done with a static or in its absence imitate the movement of the bicycle being lying down and flexing the legs imitating the movement.

Fourth, another set of exercises could be encompassed under the idea of strength-based workouts. We refer to those that make us burn more fat while increasing muscle mass. It would be advisable to do several sessions a week (preferably two or three) lasting about 20-30 minutes. Some exercises within this typology would be squats, strides or extensions of legs. They are beneficial for both the legs and glutes.

Fifth, those with little time can choose high-intensity training. It takes a few minutes, about 15-20; you have to keep in mind that it is a very demanding workout. The idea is to combine series of different intensity in intervals of variable duration, being able to choose diverse exercises, like running, jumping or riding the bicycle.

In short, whatever your chosen option we hope you enjoy moving your legs.

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